Gamo Compact

Manufacturer: Gamo

Price: £189


This one is a MATCH GRADE type Pistol ideal for those who want to initiate into shooting sport. Its Particular characteristics of balance and accuracy, with proper design and ergonomic grip that fits to a shooter’s hand for shooting with one hand only, as in Olympic shooting and metal silhouettes, allows the shooter to acquire a better stance and proper trigger management. It comes with pre-compressed air powered by piston action and Top Lever system, where the gun is cocked by lifting the top. This Pistol delivers excellent accuracy for practicing target shooting at ranges around 20 meters.

Please Note: This item cannot be sent directly to customers. It can be paid for and collected in person from our shop or transferred to your local RFD. Please contact us for more information.


    Lenght31 cm (12,20 in)
    Weight880 gr (1,94 lb)
    Velocity120 m/s (394 fps)