Beretta M9 A3 Full Metal

Price: £209 - Pistols

NEW full metal frame and slide M9A3 air pistol from Umarex takes on the famous Beretta M9 name and is modelled on the latest version issued to the US Military. The frame has been slightly remodelled from the standard to …

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Glock 17 Dual Ammo

Price: £184.99 - Pistols

One of the most popular pistols of its generation, the Glock 17 has been used by police and special forces across the globe. This fully licensed CO2 replica by Umarex fires 4.5mm BBs and .177 pellets. The pistol's bl…

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Umarex CP Sport

Price: £149.99 - Pistols

The Umarex CPSport is loosely based around the Walther P99. The frame is very similar to the P99 but the slide is not nearly as accurate. If you want to step up to a closer replica of the Walther P99, then you may want t…

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Heckler & Koch HK45

Price: £94.99 - Pistols

This Umarex Co2 pistol is a great value piece. This fires at up to 400 fps in power, has a 19 BB capacity magazine and will fire the BBs as fast as you can pull the trigger! You should get around 65 shots out of a single…

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Umarex HPP

Price: £109.99 - Pistols

The Umarex HPP comes with a 15-round magazine and will shoot 10 magazine-loads of BBs per 12g CO2 capsule. This pistol has a nice firm trigger and a comfortable grip. The semi-automatic action means that the 15-shot maga…

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