Air Rifles

BSA Multishot Defiant

Price: £1049 - Air Rifles

BSA Defiant – Dare To Be Different The BSA DEFIANT bullpup is the direct result of our most exhaustive research and technologically advanced design process to date. Employing state of the art equipment and under th…

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BSA Ultra CLX Multishot Beech

Price: £599 - Air Rifles

ULTRA CLX – 160 YEARS IN THE MAKING The BSA Ultra CLX sets the bar to a new height taking over the lead role of BSA’s mid-sized sporter from the already high performing and time trusted Ultra SE. The CLX reta…

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BSA Thumb Hole Multishot

Price: £1075 - Air Rifles

BSA R-10 TH – Celebrating 10 Years of the BSA R10 Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the fabled BSA R10, the new R10 TH comes with a beautiful new thumbhole Minelli stock and our biggest shot count yet! The new R1…

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Air Arms Galahad

Price: £1329 - Air Rifles

Galahad R The Galahad is a bull pup based rifle that contains the same power plant and magazine system as the S410/S510 range. Designed with a unique, forward mounted cocking lever placed at the centre of the action, it&…

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Air Arms TDR

Price: £1009 - Air Rifles

S510 TDR The Air Arms S510 TDR is described perfectly by its name. First, it's an S510, then it's a Take-Down Rifle and that order of priority is deliberate and essential. The TDR is a full-specification S510 hun…

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