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Weihrauch HW 110

Price: £779 - Air Rifles

The HW 110 is the latest pre-charged air rifle from Weihrauch. Its weight and overall dimensions take pre-charged air rifles to a next level. 10-shot magazine capacity allows for a shallower action, giving fantastic hand…

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ATA Airborne

Price: £399 - Air Rifles

MODEL AIRBORNE AIR RIFLE CALIBER 5.5mm (.22") [will be available in 4.5mm (.177"), 6.35mm (.25")] BARREL LENGTH 48cm (18.8"), 55cm (21.6") MAGAZINE CAPACITY 12 pellet STOCK Turkish Walnut, Brown …

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Walther Rotex Varmint Ultra Compact

Price: £479 - Air Rifles

The Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint Ultra Compact PCP Air Rifle isa compact version of the compressed air classic. Includes K3 Neo silencer and extra short barrel. The Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint Ultra Compact PCP Air Rifle is a…

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Gamo Junior Hunter

Price: £99 - Air Rifles

Many a youngster dreams of going shooting and needs the right rifle to let them learn their shooting skills. A rifle that’s too big or heavy can spoil the fun, so our Junior Hunter model is just what you need. Bein…

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Gamo Swarm Tactical

Price: £229 - Air Rifles

This rifle’s supreme performance is identical to that of others in the impressive SWARM range but arrives in a dextrous rubberized tactical stock and finished with Gamo’s patented SWA (Shock Wave Absorbing) b…

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